Compare data for rosters, locations and location groupings such as states or divisions.

The Rostering > Reports > Totals – Comparison report works much like the Rostering > Reports > Totals – Per day report, however you can plot multiple lines on the same graph. Common uses for this include:

  • Comparing this weeks roster to last weeks (or this time last years).
  • Comparing one location to another over the same time span.
  • Comparing a division or state to another (Workforce Management plan only).
  • A combination of all of the above

This graph can be plotted as Hours or Cost. To add a new line to the graph, select the locations and dates you want to report across, then click Plot. Repeat for each line you wish to plot. If you want to remove a plot line, click Remove next to it.

Data is plotted for each day the report is being run over, with the first date from the range being ‘1’ on the horizontal axis of the graph. To see actual dates next to the plot points, export the graph data. Hover over a data point to see the values for that day.

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Totals – Comparison
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