Monitor shift compliance for staff time & attendance and other shift compliance issues at a glance.

Rostering > Reports > Shift compliance

This monitoring tool is a heat map of shift compliance. Green is good – fully compliant, and the darker the shade of red gets, the greater the percentage of issues with compliance for that date and location/%location _group%.

Shift compliance screen

By default all locations are shown for the 14 day period from the current date. To plot a different period, change the start date and click Filter, or reduce the date range by entering an alternate end date.

The total compliance for each location you are reporting over will show in the right most column. Total compliance for each day will show at the bottom of the report. Overall compliance for the week will show in the bottom right corner cell.


Qualification compliance reporting

By default, rostered shift clock in and out compliance displays.

This reporting tool can also be used for reporting on triggered award rule alerts and warnings, including identifying shift clashes and qualification non-compliance.

Hover to see what the non compliance is for if you have multiple triggers being queried – here’s an example of staff missing their RSA:

Custom data fields can be used for filtering, and results can be exported to CSV format making this a very versatile tool. Once you have the data displaying you are after click the Table data button at the top to export to a CSV file.


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