Reports by module

Use our extensive list of built-in reports to gain valuable insights

Along with exporting data in custom formats, Ento has a number of reports available that provide insights into your Ento data.

A brief description of each is available below, or follow the link to the appropriate article to learn more.

Core HR
Important Dates Monitor important dates within the system
Workforce Size Understand the size of your current workforce
Onboarding & Workflows
Dashboard A single dashboard that summarizes the below reports
Overall cadence & workload Displays the number of workflows that were started, in progress or completed over a certain timeframe.
Workflows by milestone Track where any ‘in progress’ workflows are currently up to, and the average time a workflow usually takes to be completed from this milestone onward.
Average time within milestones Determine the average time spent within each milestone of your workflows.
Shift history See the entire activity history for any active or deleted shift
Totals – Per day Understand your daily staff costs and hours, compare with a budget, and track on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
Totals – Compounding Useful when analysing how total cost deviates from what was budgeted over time
Totals – Comparison Compare data for rosters, locations and location groupings such as states or divisions
Totals – Shift lengths Look more closely at shift length distribution and identify ways to improve rostering across your business
Prescribed hours utilisation Check that rostered hours are being distributed evenly among staff based on their available hours
Shift allocation Check the number of shifts that are empty, allocated and pending action
Shift compliance Monitor shift compliance for staff time & attendance and other shift compliance issues at a glance
Roster Exports Export or print the selected roster to share.
Time & Attendance
Compliance – Clock in & out Quickly check clock in & out compliance on a per staff and per location basis
Comparison tool The comparison tool compares exports and provides a summary of the differences
Leave balance history Check the leave balances across staff members, including total balance, deductions and accruals
Leave liability Check the value of all leave hours that your company is liable for
Leave – leave type Check the value of all booked & approved leave
Earning rate – Loading type See how the different loading types add up to your total costs across each location and staff
Export Templates
Export custom shift data Custom Shift CSVs allow you to download information on the various version of a shift as it moves from being scheduled to being authorized
Export custom loadings The custom loading CSV function allows you to set up different frameworks for when you export payroll data, depending on what kind of data you want to export


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Reports by module
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