Earning Rate – Loading Type Report

See how the different loading types add up to your total costs across each location and staff

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The Earning Rate report will allow you to quickly compare the amount of a number of loading types, like ordinary hours, overtime, Leave and TOIL, and how much of the total cost/hours they make up for each location/staff.

Filter using the fields at the top of the report to find the data you wish to review, then use the export buttons to save the graph or table as required.

For earning rates to show on this report, each earning rate in your award needs to be set to a specific ‘loading type’:
  1. Navigate to Payroll & Leave > Award.
  2. Click ‘Edit’ on the chosen award and then scroll down to the ‘Earning Rates’ list. Click Edit on one.
  3. At the bottom of that page, you will see a ‘Custom Data’ section with a ‘Loading Type’ box that will be set to ‘-‘.
  4. Simply set that to the corresponding Loading Type (Ordinary, Paid Leave, etc) and save.
  5. Do that for each Earning Rate that you want to appear on the report, and they shall all then show up there.

It’s strongly advised when performing the above that you don’t change anything else in the award at all – as any other field may impact your payroll. If you have any concerns about the award setup, or setting up earning rates for this report, feel free to contact the Ento Support team for assistance.

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Earning Rate – Loading Type Report
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