Creating and exporting reports

The Reporting area has been built to give you valuable insight into your business. It is worth exploring all of the reports both via the Docs → Reporting support pages and within your account. Many of the reports share similar navigation and export options, explained below.

Changing a report range

The first drop-down in the report navigation bar above the graph is the Location one. Depending on your level of access you can select one or more locations to report over.

If your company is using an enterprise version of Ento, and depending on your level of access, you will see additional drop-downs for each of the ‘groupings’ tuned on. The Start date and End date fields let you pick the date range you want to report over.

Note: Larger reporting spans can take longer for the system to generate. Once you have set the report range you are interested in, click the Filter button.

Exporting reports

Most reports share common exporting options available via the Print and Export buttons.

Print graph – Use this to open a print-friendly version of the graph currently showing on screen.

Export graph data – Download a day-by-day breakdown of the data powering the graph plot points.

Export table data – Download data as it appears in the data table under the graph. If you want to download raw shift data and report on it in Excel or another system, it is worth exploring the Docs → Payroll → Export overview page of the support centre.

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Creating and exporting reports
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