Troubleshooting payroll & reporting payroll issues

Troubleshooting payroll & reporting payroll issues

To check public holiday outputs, see if the correct overtime rates are being applied on a Saturday, or to check if an allowance or evening loading is being applied, use Daily Loading Breakdown by Staff (DLBBS) export to troubleshoot your payroll data, and report any issues you find.


Troubleshooting payroll

  • Go to Payroll & leave > Pay cycles

  • Export the applicable pay cycle using the Daily Loading Breakdown by Staff  (DLBBS) custom loadings export template

  • Open and filter for particular staff, days/dates, or award (Condition Set ID/s) and check outputs are as expected


Found an issue?

  • If outputs are not as expected, add notes in an additional column to indicate your expected outputs

  • Send the updated export to Ento Support (keep the %Employee& ID column, and delete the staff name column, for increased privacy & security)

  • Also send us your latest Payroll Award Build Plan, indicating what the expected outputs should be for the award rule or condition combinations in effect

  • If your award configurations use shift tags to trigger changes in rates (i.e. higher duties or allowances), please also send us a custom shift export that includes the Shift ID (internal) along with those custom data tags.

Read up on Custom export templates to ensure you have the loadings and custom shift information needed to investigate your issue, so Ento Support can investigate more quickly.

If you’re requesting changes to the current functionality, or need new conditions or rules scoped, you request will be sent on to an account manager for review.



Once we have investigated, confirmed the issue, and if required, made any system updates, we’ll recost to make the changes effective from the current pay cycle forwards.

If you want a pay cycle recosted for a pay period that has already ended, ensure you let us know which pay schedule/s and date range/s you want recosted, so we can action for you.

We’ll let you know when done, and once any background recosting has completed, you’ll be able to export the updated DLBBS report to check the updated payroll outputs.


If you have any further questions, reach out to Ento Support.


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Troubleshooting payroll & reporting payroll issues
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