Overview of exporting payroll data

Exporting to payroll has been broken into two steps. The first step is to create a ‘export template’. You can have multiple different export templates and creating them only needs to be done once. An export template is a specially formatted file for your payroll system OR a custom CSV file with the columns you have indicated you want to show. The second step is exporting the pay cycle you want.

Export templates

To view and manage your export templates, go to the Payroll → Export templates page.

Here you will find a list of templates that already exist in your account. Four or five of the most popular templates will have been pre-loaded into your account.

To create a new export template, click the Create new button at the top of the page.

For a full guide of the exports available, go to the Docs → Payroll location of the support guide.

To edit an export template, click the Edit button next to it’s name. Delete a template by clicking the Delete button.

Export a pay cycle

To export a pay cycle into the format of one of your export templates, go to the Payroll → Pay cycles page.

On the pay cycle you wish to export, click the Export button. Select the export you wish to run from the list and click Run.

Your export should now be queued for download. This can take up to 5 minutes depending on the size of your pay cycle and current server traffic.

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Overview of exporting payroll data
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