Use milestones to track your workflows through various stages to completion

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There are three separate reports available for Workflows, all summarised with a graph on the ‘reports dashboard’, with larger versions available on their own pages, along with a full table of data.

You can filter the dashboard at the top by a certain workflow or workflow manager to filter the results on all three summary graphs.


The Overall cadence & workload report displays the number of workflows that were started, in progress or completed over a certain timeframe.


Workflows by milestone allows you to track where any ‘in progress’ workflows are currently up to, and the average time a workflow usually takes to be completed from this milestone onward.


Use Average time within milestones to determine the average time spent within each milestone of your workflows.

These come together to be especially helpful if many of your workflows share similar milestones, as you can compare and contrast smaller lists easier.


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