Add structure to your processes with Ento Workflows

Workflows can add structure to almost any repeatable process that requires interaction between managers and staff, providing forms, notifications and reminders for all manner of tasks. A staff member or candidate is assigned to a workflow, the progress is tracked, reminders sent, and milestones are met.

Different workflow stages can be used to share information and content, capture data, and manage approvals, while milestones are used for progress tracking and reporting. These are all set up in a Workflow Template, which is then used to create individual Workflows. If the template is updated it does not update existing workflows based on it – these remain the same as they were upon creation – but any future workflows created off that template will obviously have the updates.

Designed to be completely customisable, workflows can be used for a multitude of purposes, including onboarding new staff, managing contract renewals, delivering training content, and sharing (and recording acknowledgement) of documents such as policy and procedures.

Workflow tracker

  • Log into Ento > Onboarding & workflows > Workflows to view the Workflow tracker.

The Workflow tracker can be filtered and searched to locate any workflow visible to that particular user, but by default will display a summary of all open workflows that require their action.

The information displayed for each Workflow covers:

  • Name of the candidate (if any)
  • The workflow assigned
  • The due date
  • Most recent milestone reached (if any)
  • Current stage

Workflow filters

As you click on each of the filter buttons at the top of the tracker, workflows falling into those categories are presented in due date order, and any items that have passed or are at risk of missing a deadline are highlighted in red.

At risk of missing due date

The number of your workflows that are at risk of missing the due date.​

These workflows have all passed the due date. The stage where the workflow stalled is shown, as well as the person the workflow is waiting on. Milestones are shown as dots indicating progress towards completion.


Stalled on stage

The number of your workflows that have stalled at a particular stage.

The workflows that have stalled and are waiting on actions to be completed by the new staff member or workflow manager.


Stages waiting on you

The number of your workflows that are waiting on an action from you to proceed.

The Workflow tracker defaults to this view, as these are the workflows awaiting your action.  Stages shown in red indicate the workflows to prioritise as either the stage or the workflow due date are at risk of being missed.​


All Workflows

You can display all workflows that you have access to by removing all of the filters (by clicking on the active filter, you remove it).

Alternatively, you can always search for a specific workflow by the name of the employee it’s regarding.


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Beginning a new onboard

Beginning a new workflow

Managing an open workflow

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