Learn how to use workflows to bring a new staff member on board

Onboarding & workflows > Workflows

Getting started

  • Navigate to Onboarding & workflows > Workflows  > Create new
  • Select one of the Onboarding workflow templates from the dropdown list

Set the onboarding workflow due date, select the primary area and role, the hiring manager, and if it is mandatory for the candidate to complete the workflow.


Click ‘Create’ and you will be taken straight to the new workflow, with the greyed out checkmark circle indicating the current stage.



The assigned hiring manager will receive an email with a link to the first stage of the workflow and, as internal milestones are met, the candidate is notified of the action they need to take, whether it’s viewing a welcome showcase, completing a form or signing a contract.



Your new team member is notified when the last milestone is reached, and you receive an email letting you know they are now onboarded.

Where to now?

Managing an open workflow

Beginning a new workflow

Workflow Overview

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