Adding or updating Staff

Adding to your team or editing existing staff details

Core HR > People > Staff

Staff can be added or edited in a number of ways; manually, by file upload or through a workflow.


For the singular creation of a staff account, it’s easiest to do manually. Go to Core HR > People > Staff and click Create new.

Start on the General details tab, and fill in as much data as you have available. Staff ID will default to a sequential ID prefixed with ST, or you can choose a different one if you plan to send any data between other systems.

Commencement date should be the absolute earliest date that the staff will need to to be rostered. It won’t be possible to roster them prior to this date, so if they need to be back rostered, ensure you enter a start date that will allow for the earliest possible shift.

Required fields are indicated by an asterisk. Tabs with required fields that do not have data are indicated by red circles with an x in them. Only once all required fields are completed will you be able to add your new staff.

File Upload

To quickly create a number of staff accounts, you can upload a CSV of their details, Go to Core HR > Account data > File Upload.

Simply follow the template there, and you’ll quickly be able to create, update or even delete staff in bulk.

For more information on adding or editing staff in bulk, see the articles Importing staff and Bulk updating staff details.

Onboarding Workflows

Staff can be created through a workflow, which allows for a more structured process that can involve multiple stages, managers and information submitted by the staff themselves to be incorporated and automatically updated to their account.


For more information on starting a new onboarding workflow, click here.



What happens when I delete staff?

When you delete staff none of their previous shifts are removed. They will show on old rosters and within reporting, but all future shifts are unassigned from them, and future booked leave is removed and future unavailability cleared, so it’s recommended to leave them in Ento until their final paycycle has been processed. Before you delete them, ensure you record their Staff ID, which will be needed to restore them if necessary in the future.

How can I un-delete staff?

To bring back a previously deleted staff, go to Core HR > People > Staff and click Create new.

Enter their original staff ID in the Staff ID field and a small popup will ask if you want to un-delete them – click the red ‘x’ and they’ll be undeleted. Once their staff account is restored, any shifts that were unassigned will remain unassigned. Their new commencement date will be the date they are un-deleted, not their original commencement date, so ensure they are restored in time for them to be rostered.

If there are data fields that are now required that were not populated when the staff was last active you will see red circles with x in them on the tabs to the left of the screen. Again, required fields are indicated by an asterisk and only once all required fields are completed will you be able to save your staff.


Custom Fields

You can customise the data captured against staff by utilising Objects, created through Core HR > Account Data > Objects.

This allows you to ensure that all necessary data is captured for each staff, whether used by Ento or not, and with a tab added to the side of the staff screen for each Object Group that is created, you can even sort your custom fields just how you like them.


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