Locations (or whatever you customised the name to be on the Settings → Company settings page) are used by most clients to indicate physical locations.

For example, various store locations for a retail chain or various departments (‘Bar‘, ‘Kitchen‘, ‘Reception‘) within a single hotel.

A location can have one or more roles (‘Store Manager‘, ‘2IC‘, ‘Store Assistant‘) which are then assigned to staff. Managers can also be restricted to specific locations, but more on that later!

There are a few ways you can add/edit locations:


Adding locations individually

Core HR > Organisation Structure > Locations > Create new

You can view, create and edit location records from Core HR > Organisation Structure > Locations.

The location name, Time zone and Normal hours, can be set to ensure the system is functions correctly for that location. Opening and closing times can also be added so the system will warn you in the event you don’t have someone rostered on.


Adding in bulk

Core HR > Account Data > Import Data

If you have over 10 or so locations, the easiest way to add them will be by preparing a bulk upload file.

To bulk upload locations go to the Core HR > Account Data > File imports page and follow the instructions there or on the Import Locations support page.


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