The send message feature is a convenient, fast and easy way to disseminate ad-hoc information to multiple staff. Staff receive messages via SMS and/or email and can reply with their own updates which get sent to your Communication → Messages and email inbox. Popular ways clients use it include:

  1. Greeting messages
  2. Instant updates during large events
  3. Unique shift reminders and instructions
  4. Staff birthdays/other life events
  5. Urgent/last minute updates and shift changes

To send a message, click the Communication → Send message menu item. Below you will find a breakdown of all the fields within the Communication → Messages area of your account.

Field NameExampleDescription
SubjectNew roster systemThe (optional) subject line of the message. If your staff's contact method is email, the subject will be used in the subject line of the email. If your staff’s contact method is SMS, it will be added to the top of the message, following the characters ‘Sbj:’.
MessageJust a quick message to let everyone know we have started using Roster Plus. Please have a look around the Staff Area and let me know what you think!This is the body of the message you want to send.
Let staff replyYesUsed if you want to let staff reply to the message. If your staff’s contact method is email, a link directly to their Staff Area is included at the bottom of the message; from here they can click the message and ‘reply’. If the staff’s contact method is SMS, the following line will be added to the end of SMS messages: "REPLY CODE then your message OR login to RESPOND".
Character count240The character count is shown to help you keep your messages (where SMS is the contact method) to as few SMS credits as possible. A SMS message will take two credits to send if it is over 160 characters in length. If it is over 306 characters, it will use three SMS credits and so on.
RecipientsThe recipients section is where you can target your message to all, some or a single one of your staff. 'All staff' will send to all staff you have permission to view. Within the 'Some staff' option you can target your message to staff based on a number of criteria. Use multiple targeting options to target groups of staff like ‘Everyone working in the kitchen last Tuesday’.
Recipients (step 2)This is where the staff that matched the criteria selected in the last step will be shown. You can remove any of the staff from receiving the message by unchecking the checkbox next to them. Small email and phone icons will show based on the notification methods that are turned on.
MessageReview your message before sending.
StatisticsStatistics will give you an overview of how many SMS credits your message will use.

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only

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