Import Work schedules to quickly indicate the regular hours your staff work

Core HR > Account Data > Import Data


Importing Work schedules

To start a new file import, go to Core HR > Account data > Import data and click Create new.

Open the Type dropdown list and select ‘Work Schedules’.

The purple bar under the file selection will then update to include a ‘Click here’ link for downloading a CSV template that includes all the fields necessary to import a Work Schedule importing.

More general information on preparing import files can be found in Importing data overview.


Work schedule import requirements

ColumnField NameData TypeLength LimitExampleDescription
AID*String20WS10001A unique identifier for the work schedule. An ID can be comprised of text and/or numbers up to 20 characters in length. If the ID used belongs to an existing deleted work schedule it will be un-deleted.
BPay schedule*Reference20WeeklyThe pay schedule the work schedule relates to. The work schedule will only show as an option for staff connected to this pay schedule and where their ordinary hours match the total hours defined in the 'Day x ordinary' fields. If the pay schedule is weekly, 7 days worth of 'Day x ordinary' hours need to be defined. If the pay schedule is fortnightly or monthly, 14 days worth of 'Day x ordinary' need to be defined.
CStart date*Date3,52014-12-01The start date of the work schedule. This can be in the past or future. This becomes the 'anchor' point for the work schedule's cycle. If the pay schedule you're connecting the work schedule to is weekly or fortnightly, we recommend using the start date of one of the pay cycles.
DDay 1 ordinary*Number2,37.5The amount of hours normally worked on the first day of the work schedule. If the date entered in the 'Start date' field is the first day of the pay cycle (recommended for weekly and fortnightly), this number will be the hours normally worked on the first day of the pay cycle.
EDay 2 ordinary*Number2,37.5As above.
FDay 3 ordinary*Number2,37.5As above.
GDay 4 ordinary*Number2,37.5As above.
HDay 5 ordinary*Number2,38.0As above.
IDay 6 ordinary*Number2,30.0As above.
JDay 7 ordinary*Number2,30.0As above.

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only


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