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Importing managers

To start a new file import, go to Core HR > Account data > Import data and click Create new.

Open the Type dropdown list and select ‘Managers’.

The purple bar under the file selection will then update to include a ‘Click here’ link for downloading a CSV template that includes all the fields necessary to get importing.

More general information on preparing import files can be found in Importing data overview.


Manager import requirements

ColumnField NameData TypeLength LimitExampleDescription
AID*String20MA10001A unique identifier for the manager record. An ID can be comprised of text and/or numbers up to 20 characters in length. If the ID used belongs to an existing deleted manager, it will be un-deleted.
BFirst name*StringMichael The manager's given name. This will be used when the system communicates with them.
CLast nameStringCartwright The manager's surname.
DPermissionsReferenceMP10001The Permission profile associated with the manager, which dictates what they can view and which tasks they can perform in the system. Permission profiles can be created and edited on the 'Settings -> Manager permissions' page of your account. This field defaults to first non-deleted permission profile.
EPictureString photo of the manager, used within the system to help you visually identify them. The file you upload should be in .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .tiff format. The file will be resized to 120x120 pixels on upload and should be no larger than 4MB.
FPhoneNumber0486543213The managers phone number (landline or mobile).
GEmail*Stringmichael@arpeegolfclubs.comThe manager's email address. This should be a single string of text containing an @ symbol and at least one full stop. The email address is also used by the manager to login.
HTemp PasswordStringhg$df5koFill in if you would like to specify a new temporary password the manager needs to use to log in. If not specified and the manager is new, a random password will be generated.
IType*ReferencestoreThe type of manager. Controls what areas and staff the manager can see. If the manager has type 'company', they will be able to see all areas and staff. Must be either be the singular name the company uses for areas e.g. 'store' or, 'company'. Enterprise customers can also use their group names.
JAccess toReference ListAR10001,AR10002,AR10003Comma separated list of ID's. Each must match a predefined, non-deleted ID of records belonging to the managers 'type'. Note: If managers type is 'company' this field will be ignored.

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only



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