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Importing Leave

To start a new file import, go to Core HR > Account data > Import data and click Create new.

Open the Type dropdown list and select ‘Leave’. This name may change depending on your chosen terminology.

The purple bar under the file selection will then update to include a ‘Click here’ link for downloading a CSV template that includes all the fields necessary to get importing.

More general information on preparing import files can be found in Importing data overview.


Leave import requirements

During the run of a leave sync file, matches will be found based on a combination of staff, type, start date and end date. Existing leave requests that are not matched exactly will be removed (when running in ‘delete’ mode). Matches found with a new status will have their status updated in the system.

ColumnField NameData TypeLength LimitExampleDescription
AStaff*Reference20ST10001The staff this leave is attached to. Must match the ID of an existing non-deleted staff.
BType*Reference20LT10001The type of leave. Must match the ID of a non-deleted leave type that is turned on for the staff within their award.
CStart date*String2014-12-06The first date the leave request affects. Enter in YYYY-MM-DD format.
DEnd date*String2014-12-09If the leave request spans multiple days, select the last day it affects. If it is a single day, this will be the same as the start date. Enter in YYYY-MM-DD format.
EHoursString4,37.5The total hours (per day) of the leave. This field will be ignored if the leave is mutli-day.
FStart timeString09:00The start time of the leave (per day) of the leave. This field will be used for each day if the leave is multi-day
GManager notesLong StringFine with me if we can get one of the others to take on some extra hours.A notes field only managers can see and edit.
HStatusStringApprovedThe current status of the leave.If the leave is 'Pending' approval, it can be changed to 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only


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