Import staff qualifications to ensure they match strict role requirements

Core HR > Account Data > Import Data


Importing qualifications

To start a new file import, go to Core HR > Account data > Import data and click Create new.

Open the Type dropdown list and select ‘Staff qualifications & licenses’. This name may change depending on your chosen terminology.

The purple bar under the file selection will then update to include a ‘Click here’ link for downloading a CSV template that includes all the fields necessary to get importing.

More general information on preparing import files can be found in Importing data overview.


Qualification import requirements

The most important requirements are a staff ID, qualification ID and a ‘valid from’ date.

You then have the option of including an expiry date, a URL to a file and a note if needed.

Both dates need to be in the usual format of yyyy-mm-dd.

Any Qualifications that are uploaded with all details exactly matching an existing qualification won’t be recreated, but if any field is different, a new qualification will be created based on the whole row.

Qualification imports won’t replace or remove any existing qualifications, even if they’re for the same type, date range, etc.


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Import staff qualifications
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