Quickly add or update budgets for roster locations using the import data process

Core HR > Account Data > Import Data

Budgets for each location are a useful way to see how your business is tracking. While budgets can be manually set for a location when creating a roster, you can also import budget data for multiple locations across multiple rosters all at once using the file import process.

Importing budget data

To start a new file import, go to Core HR > Account data > Import data and click Create new. From the Type dropdown list select Budget.

Once you have selected Budget, the purple bar under the file selection will update to include a Click here link to download a CSV template for importing budget data.

More on preparing import files can be found in Importing data overview.

Budget data import options

The CSV template contains a header row with a large number of columns allowing for budget data for specific timeframes to be uploaded, but only fields marked as mandatory (as indicated with an asterisk in the field header) need to be included, all other fields are optional.

All column headers need to be included in the upload file, even if you are not including time specific budget data. Simply leave those fields blank.

Once you have run an import, you will be taken to the results page, or to view import results go to the Core HR > Account data > Import data home page.


Below are the details of the columns and specifications for the data for each.

Columns Field Data type Length limit/format Example Description
A Area ID* Reference 20 AR10013

The unique ID of the area this day budget is associated with.

The ID you enter here must match the ID of an existing non-deleted area

B Date* Date  YYYY-MM-DD  2017-10-02 The date applicable for the budget
C Budget* Number  10,2 (currency)  23500.00 Total budget for the day in the area. Will be ignored if hourly budgets are set1
D-AB [timeframe] Budget1 Number  10,2 (currency)  970.00

The total budget for the specified hour.

Combined with budgets for each of the other hours imported should equal the daily overall budget.

*Mandatory field  1If available on your plan


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