Kick off multiple workflows for existing staff at one time, using a range of workflow templates.

Core HR > Account Data > Import Data


Importing workflows

To start a new file import:

  1. Go to Core HR > Account data > Import data and click ‘Create new’.
  2. Open the Type dropdown list and select ‘Workflows’.

The purple bar under the file selection will then update to include a ‘Click here’ link for downloading a CSV template that includes all the fields necessary to get importing.

More general information on preparing import files can be found in Importing data overview.


Bulk workflow import requirements

All workflow templates (WFT), except Onboarding templates, can be used to create workflows via the bulk create file import process.

The data required for import is:

  • Workflow template ID*
  • Staff ID*
  • Workflow due date*  (must be in YYYY-MM-DD format)
  • Workflow Manager ID*
  • Mandatory (Yes or No – not required. If left blank will default to ‘not mandatory’)



Workflow template ID

To locate the workflow template ID to use for the bulk workflow creation import, go to Onboarding & workflows > Workflow templates.


The workflow template ID is found directly above the workflow template name. In the example above the ‘Forklift’ workflow template ID is highlighted, so it can be copied and pasted into the workflows import template.


Managing Workflows

Once the import is complete, the new workflows will appear in Onboarding & Workflows > Workflows, to be managed as usual via the Workflows Tracker page. More on that here in Workflows Overview.



If you are looking to bulk create onboarding workflows, you may find using the Pre-onboards functionality useful.

Read up here on how Pre-onboards work, then Import Pre-onboards.

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