Creating custom data fields in your account

Customise the data you’re saving against various Ento records

Core HR > Account Data > Custom data fields

Custom data fields can be used to store additional pieces of information on shifts, loadings or leave types. For example, you might create a custom data field called “Shift Type“, attached to shifts.

After you have created the custom data field, you will be able to add that to any shifts to categorise them further. One of the main benefits of custom data fields is you can report on them. If you had created the “Shift type” custom data field above, a Shift – Shift type report will automatically be added to the reporting menu.


Adding Custom data fields

To create a new custom data field, click the + button at the top of Core HR > Account Data > Custom data fields. Give the field a name and pick what you want to attach it to. Once that is done, select the Type. The four types are:

Number Input will be restricted to numbers and decimals only.
Text Anything can be stored in a text field up to 1,000 characters.
Option List An option list will show as a drop-down on the form you have attached the field to. If you select this type, you will need to enter the possible options in a comma separated list below.
File Files (up to 5MB) can be uploaded.

It is important to note only Option List custom data fields will be turned into reports. One you are done click the Save button.


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Creating custom data fields in your account
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