Custom data fields can be used to store additional pieces of information on roles, locations, loadings or leave types.

For example, you might create a custom data field called “Location type“, attached to locations. After you have created the custom data field, you will be able to store each location's type via the Core HR > Organisation Structure > Locations page of your account.

One of the main benefits of custom data fields is that you can report on them. If you had created the “Location type” custom data field above,  a ‘Location – Location type’ report will automatically be added to the Rostering > Reports menu.

Below you will find a breakdown of all the fields in the Core HR > Account Data > Custom Data Fields location of your account.

Field NameExampleDescription
ID*CD10001A unique identifier for the custom data field. An ID can be comprised of text and/or numbers up to 20 characters in length. If the ID used belongs to an existing deleted field, it will be un-deleted.
Name*Customer facingA short name given to the custom data field to help identify it when referenced within your account.
Attached to*staffWhat the field is attached to. Possible options are 'staff', 'roles', 'areas', 'Loadings' or 'Leave types'.
Type*Option listThe type of data you want to hold. 'Number' will be restricted to numbers and decimals only. 'Text' can store any text up to 1,000 characters. 'Option list' will show as a drop-down on the form you have attached the field too. If you select this type, you will need to enter the possible options in the 'Option values' field. 'File' can hold any file up to 5MB in size.
Option valuesYes,NoThis will only show if you have selected the 'Option list' type. Enter all possible option in a comma separated list.
Required1This will make this field mandatory.
Instructions for inputPlease fill out this field properlyThis is to store any instructions needed for this custom data field
Copy with shift1This is to indicate if the field should be copied across to the new shift when the existing shift is copied
VisibilityThis visibility section controls what custom data should be visible in each of its relevant pages
Shift input formChoose the visibility setting for the shift edit/create in the roster builder
Timesheet reviewChoose the visibility setting for the timesheet review page
Staff clock in outChoose the visibility setting for the staff clock in and clock out page
AccessibilityThis accessibility section controls who can access the custom field
OptionsThese are the options available for your field

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only

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