Sage MicrOpay Leave Balance Add-on

Syncs your leave balances daily from MicrOpay for use within Ento

Integration format: API

The Sage MicrOpay leave balance add-on allows leave balances from Sage MicrOpay to be synced across regularly for use in Ento for applying for leave and reporting.

Only one instance of the MicrOpay Leave Balance add-on can be installed, and that will automatically sync all annual, personal and long service leave balances that are in hours through to Ento.

Initial setup

The Sage MicrOpay leave balance integration can be added to your account by navigating to Add-Ons > Sage MicrOpay – Leave Balance add-on

MicrOpay LIVE API key: Provided by Sage MicrOpay

MicrOpay LIVE username: Provided by Sage MicrOpay

MicrOpay LIVE password: Provided by Sage MicrOpay

Switch ON to enable LIVE mode: Once configured and tested using test credentials, this switch changes the add-on to use the live credentials


Linking staff profiles with MicrOpay

All staff in MicrOpay need to have an ID that matches their Ento ID for the sync to import their leave balances.

To check the sync history, you can go to Core HR > Account Data > Import Data and it’ll show a summary in the import history available there.

Help using Sage MicrOpay

For assistance with your Sage MicrOpay system, please contact the Sage MicrOpay support team or your Sage MicrOpay account manager.


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Sage MicrOpay Leave Balance Add-on
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