Rezgo is a leading tour management solution for tours, activities, excursions and events. We’ve built an integration via their API so when a customer books one of your activities through your Rezgo booking engine, the details will be pushed through to your Ento account, so you can roster staff on accordingly. Once you have ensured your core inventory and booking data exists in both systems you will be able create timesheets that cover all of your bookings in minutes. Terminology guide

In EntoIn RezgoWhat are they
LocationsInventoryInventory items in Rezgo refer to separate tours, activities, events or attractions that customers can book. These will come through as locations in Ento.
RolesOptionsDifferent options for Inventory items (e.g. 12pm session, 3pm session) will be listed as different roles in your Ento account.
ShiftsBookingsWhen customers book an activity with you through your Rezgo page, these will be pushed to your Ento account as shifts that need to be filled on your roster.

Connecting to Rezgo

The first step is to authorise your Ento account to connect to your Rezgo account account. To do that:

  1. Go to Settings > Add-ons in your Ento account.
  2. Turn on the Rezgo add-on, by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.
  3. You will be taken to a Rezgo login page where you can login and authenticate Ento to access your account information.
  4. Ento will now connect to Rezgo and sync your inventory items. For each of these items, you’ll need to set the following:
    1. Start time
    2. Duration
    3. Minimum staff required
    4. The pax-to-staff ratio

Managing your connection with Rezgo

Once you’ve synced your Ento and Rezgo accounts, you’ll need to add staff

  1. Now go to Account > Staff. Click Edit next to each staff number, and select the roles each staff can perform. You can also do this by going to Account > Roles, and allocating staff to each role. (Note: If you have a lot of staff you need to assign, please contact Ento directly and we’ll help you with this.)
  2. Go to Rostering > Rosters, click the Create new button and select ‘From scratch’.
  3. Select all locations you want included on this roster and click Save.
  4. Change to the Role view. All of the bookings you have currently stored in Rezgo for the time period this roster covers. If your bookings aren’t displaying yet, wait around 5 minutes, then refresh the page.
  5. Once your bookings come through, you can start filling shifts with staff. You can read more about how to allocate staff to a shift here.

Please note

  • A shift will only be created if there is at least one confirmed booking for an inventory option during the time period a roster covers
  • The pax number will update as bookings are made or removed. If bookings are reduced to zero, please keep in mind that the shift won’t be removed from your roster
  • Multi-day courses will be represented as multiple 23.59 hour shifts
  • If a new inventory item is added to Rezgo, you will need to go to Rostering > Rosters, click Edit on the rosters you want the new item to show on and select the relevant area

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