Public API add-on

Fully incorporate Ento into your ecosystem by exporting and importing data via API

Ento’s public API allows you to use your data however you want, directly integrating it into custom applications or reports that work best for you, all using the highest standards of data security.

This article serves as a summary of our API and its uses. For those already familiar, we have full technical documentation available here.

Those looking to simply export employee, shift or payroll information may prefer to utilise our built-in custom export templates feature instead.


Data available via API

As we make further developments to the API, more data will become accessible via various additional endpoints. For now, you’re able to request the following information:

  • An employee
  • All employees
    • Can be filtered by:
      • First name
      • Status (active/inactive)
      • Deleted
      • Commencement date
  • A shift
    • Including role and employee information if required
  • Shifts between a date range
    • Can be filtered by:
      • Start date
      • End date
      • Area
      • Assigned
      • Earning rates
      • Role
  • Shifts with pagination


Examples of use-cases for integrating with the Ento API

Shift information within BI tool

  • Pull a rolling period of shifts from Ento into an external BI tool
  • Replaces traditional huge file based exports


Synchronise employee information

  • Use Ento as a Core HR system & synchronise employee information to external systems such as point of sale systems.


Who’s working today information

  • Plug into external on-site kiosks or systems, showing who’s working today.


Accessing the Ento API

You’ll need an API key to access the data on your account. These can be requested from our support team via chat or email.

Our team may ask for additional information to ensure your key is supplied properly and securely. Do not share your secret API keys in publicly accessible areas. Your API keys carry many privileges, so be sure to keep them secure!


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Public API add-on
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