Connecting to your Xero account

Xero is the global leader in online accounting software for small businesses & their accountants. We have built an integration via their API so interpreted timesheets can be pushed into their timesheet location, for processing within a ‘pay run’.

Once you have ensured your core payroll data exists in both systems you will be able push approved timesheets from Ento to Xero with the press of a button!

Terminology guide

Before you get started preparing your Ento and Xero accounts for the first transfer of data, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the equivalent terminology used within each system.

In EntoIn XeroWhat are they
StaffStaffWho you have collected timesheets for. You may have customised what we refer to as ‘staff’ during the setup of your Ento account.
Pay schedulePayroll calendarThe frequency your staff get paid. Typically weekly or fortnightly. You may have multiple ‘pay schedules’ within your company.
Pay cyclePay runEach occurrence of a pay schedule. Since exports are done per pay cycle, you can create a second ‘Pay schedule’ for your company to separate some of your staff from being exported to Xero (you would simply not export the second pay cycle each time).
LoadingsEarning ratesWithin Ento, timesheet hours are automatically split into ‘loadings’ based on the award interpretation rules you have setup. The loading totals are what’s sent to Xero as timesheet ‘earning rate’ lines.

Connecting to Xero

The first step is to authorise your Ento account to connect to Xero account. To do that:

  1. Go to the Add-ons page of your account.
  2. Click the Xero button.
  3. You will be taken to an application authorisation page in Xero. Select your company and click the Authorise button.
  4. You will be re-directed back to your Ento where you can manage your new connection.

Connection to Xero

Managing your connection to Xero

Go now to Add-ons → Connected add-ons. Under Actions click the View mapping button. This will be the page you can check the status of your connection and manage how you want to map your data.

Before you run an export to Xero, you need to ensure there are no red alerts in the four top boxes. To correct an alert, scroll down to the relevant section and either select where you want the data mapped to or tell the system you don’t want it mapped.

For more information on mapping data, jump to the data mapping section below. If at any point you want to disconnect from Xero, click the  X Delete button.

Running an export to Xero

Now everything’s setup these are the only instructions you will need to follow each pay cycle!

  1. In Ento, go to the Payroll →Pay cycles page and ensure the pay cycle you wish to export is Ready to process.
  2. In Xero, go to the Payroll → Pay runs page and create a pay run for the date range you want to export into.
  3. Back in Ento, click the Export button and select your Xero.
  4. Your export should now be scheduled and your timesheets will shortly appear in Xero!
The 28/05/2014 -11/06/2014 pay cycle ‘Ready to process’ in Ento Ento pay cycle readyCreating a new pay run in Xero, for the data to import in toCreate a pay run in Xero
What the pay cycle looks like in Ento Ento pay cycle summary How it looks in Xero, after the importXero pay run imported
 An individual staff summary in EntoEnto staff pay cycle summary The same staff in Xero, after the importXero employee payslip

Data mapping

It is important to map all the necessary data before you run your first export. If there is a problem with your data mapping you will be taken back to the Payroll → Connection to Xero page before you can export timesheets.

Loadings / Earning rates

Since award interpretation is done within the Ento system, it’s important to configure Xero to be able to accept the data that gets sent over.

In Ento: 

Loadings (earning rates) are defined within each award you’ve setup. Each staff is then allocated an award via their profile (Account → Staff page).

To view or edit an award, go to the Settings → Awards page. If you are unfamiliar with editing award, go to the System guides → Advanced setup → Building awards help page.

In Xero:

For each Loading, (bottom of the edit page of each award in Ento), make sure there is a corresponding earnings rate defined in Xero, on the Settings → Payroll settings → Pay items → Earnings location of your Xero account.

Before you do this, there is a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You don’t need to add any of the leave related loadings that exist in Ento into Xero (since Xero manages leave in a different location of the account as detailed in the next step).
  • The names of the loadings / earning rates need to match exactly in both systems.
  • Since ‘Ordinary Hours’ and other common loading names might be used in multiple awards within Ento, you will only need to add them once into Xero UNLESS you load them differently within each award (for example, your casual ‘Ordinary hours’ might be 125% per hour). In this case you will need to create a ‘Ordinary Hours (casual)‘ and ‘ Ordinary Hours (FT / PT)‘, or similar.

Define loadings in Ento

Define pay items in Xero


Leave types

Depending on which system you have setup already, correct the other system to make sure each Leave type name exists and matches exactly in both.

In Ento: 

Go to the Settings → Leave types page of your account.

In Xero: 

Go to the Settings → Payroll settings → Pay items → Leave page of your account. By default Ento stores Public holidays not worked by full or part-time staff as leave entries with type ‘Public holiday’. This is done so you can add extra loadings to (worked) shifts that land on Public holidays.  For this reason, a ‘Public Holiday‘ leave type will be added to Xero automatically when you first connect.

Ento leave typesXero leave types

Staff / Staff

Depending on which system you have setup already, correct the other system to make sure each staff first and last name exists and matches exactly in both.

In Ento: 

Go to the Account → Staff page of your account.

In Xero: 

Go to the Payroll → Employee% page of your account. Ensure all relevant earnings rates have been assigned to each staff from the Pay Template tab of the Edit Employee page.

Staff in Ento

Employees in Xero

Xero employee pay template


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