Attaché Employee Details Export Add-on

Export your staff details in one easy file for direct import into Attaché.

Integration format: KFI file

The Attaché Employee Details Export add-on allows you to easily create an Employee Details Export for importing into Attaché.


Initial setup

The Attaché integration can be added to your account by navigating to Add-Ons > Attaché Employee Details Export.

Export options are set within the add-on edit screen:


Name*: The export template name as it will appear in the list of available Staff exports on the Core HR > People > Staff > Export page – will default to Attaché Employee Details Export

Attaché object ID*: Attaché menu items and corresponding Object ID numbers can be found in the Attaché Object ID table (available from the Attaché Members website).

Configuring Ento to communicate with Attaché

To ensure that the export file created by Ento can be imported and read by your Attaché system successfully and without errors, you’ll need to ensure that:

  • The Employee Code in your Attaché setup is matched to the Staff IDs External ID in Ento
  • All required Attaché fields indicated with an asterisk match the correct field in Ento
  • Once a field has been matched click Done
  • Once all have been matched, click Save.

This should be set up during your Ento implementation, so for any future changes or additions, it’s advised to chat to Ento Support for assistance.


Running the Attaché Employee Details Export

Navigate to Core HR > People > Staff:

  • Filter staff (if required)
  • Click Export at the top of the page to display all available Staff export templates
  • Click the yellow Export button next to the Attaché Employee Details Export.

Help using Attaché

For assistance with your Attaché system, including importing employee details files, please contact the Attaché support team or your Attaché account manager.


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Attaché Employee Details Export Add-on
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