Import POS data directly from Fedelta

Integration Format: API

Use your Fedelta POS data for activity tracking & labour demand forecasting to assist with rostering in Ento.


Initial Setup

The Fedelta POS add-on can be added to your account by navigating to Add-Ons > Fedelta.

When you click the add-on link you will be asked for your API key to authorise the import of sales data from Fedelta:

API key: Contact Ento Support to arrange for the creation of a Fedelta API key.

Activity tracking & labour demand forecasting

Once configured, imported sales data can be used for labour forecasting on rosters. On past rosters projected revenue vs. actual revenue will be plotted for comparison.

More on the setup of Activity tracking & labour demand forecasting in the Company settings article.


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Fedelta POS add-on
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