WageEasy TimeCard V2.3 Add-on

Export your timesheet information in one easy file for direct import into WageEasy

Integration format: XML file

The WageEasy integration allows you to speed up and increase the accuracy of payroll processing by enabling the export of staff hours in a file format that can be directly read and imported by WageEasy TimeCard V2.3.


Initial setup

The WageEasy TimeCard integration can be added to your account by navigating to Add-Ons > WageEasy TimeCard V2.3.

Export options are set within the add-on edit screen:

Name: The name of the integration that will appear in your list of export options when exporting pay cycle data.

Public holiday/RDO code: Allows the selection of any earning rates in Ento to be sent through as a public holiday or RDO, respectively.

Pay rate code: Allows you to choose to either export or not, depending on your setup.

Area/Job codes: These options allows the area/location/store ID’s set up in Ento to be exported in the WageEasy export file.


Configuring Ento to communicate with WageEasy

To ensure that the export file created by Ento can be imported and read by your WageEasy system successfully and without errors, you’ll need to ensure that:

  • All staff IDs in Ento all match those of your WageEasy setup
  • Each leave type in Ento has an ID that matches a corresponding pay element in WageEasy

WageEasy has it’s own award interpreter, and isn’t sent summarised earning rates per staff from Ento. Instead, it’s sent the full timesheets and interprets them itself. Only leave hours and RDO information are sent.

This should all be set up during your Ento implementation, so for any future changes or additions, it’s advised to chat to Ento Support for assistance.


Exporting timesheets as part of a pay run

Once you’re ready to send timesheet data to WageEasy, simply navigate to Payroll & Leave > Pay cycles and click ‘Export’ next to the pay cycle in question.

Choose the ‘WageEasy TimeCard’ export type and it’ll display information relating to the processing of data, before allowing you to download the file that you can use for importing.


Help using WageEasy TimeCard

For assistance with your WageEasy system, including importing timesheet files, please contact the Sage support team or your Sage account manager.


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WageEasy TimeCard V2.3 Add-on
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