Sage MicrOpay Payslip Add-on

Allows your staff to access their MicrOpay payslips through the Ento Employee app.

Integration format: API

The Sage MicrOpay payslip add-on allows ESS generated payslips from Sage MicrOpay to be opened in the Ento Employee app.


Initial setup

The Sage MicrOpay payslip integration can be added to your account by navigating to Add-Ons > Sage MicrOpay >Payslip add-on

Name: Default is Sage MicrOpay – Employee Export

MicrOpay LIVE API key: Provided by Sage MicrOpay

MicrOpay LIVE username: Provided by Sage MicrOpay

MicrOpay LIVE password: Provided by Sage MicrOpay

Switch ON to enable LIVE mode: Once configured and tested using test credentials, this switch changes the add-on to use the live credentials

Cut off date: Recommend using from current pay cycles forwards. Pay cycles must exist in Ento, and steps below must be followed before payslips will be available.

Pay schedule: Select one or more pay schedules that will sync payslips.


Enabling for staff

Staff permission profiles need to have the ability to view payslips enabled

  • Go to Settings > Staff permissions
  • Edit each profile that is to be allowed to access payslips
  • On the Payroll & leave tab, turn View payslips to ON
  • Save


Process for generating Sage MicrOpay payslips

These steps need to be followed after every paycycle to ensure the MicrOpay payslips can be accessed by Ento.

Step 1 – In MicrOpay
  • Choose to ‘Generate payslips’
  • Mark the pay cycle as closed
  • Print payslips using ‘Upload To ESS’ option

Step 2 – In Ento

  • Process the pay cycle so that Ento knows you’re ready for it to get the payslips
  • Payslips will be available to staff via the Ento Employee app from the following morning

Tip: Ensure the PC or server that runs your Sage MicrOpay instance is not shutdown or running maintenance overnight after processing the pay cycle

Help using Sage MicrOpay

For assistance with your Sage MicrOpay system, please contact the Sage MicrOpay support team or your Sage MicrOpay account manager.


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Sage MicrOpay Payslip Add-on
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