Overview of adding and editing staff details

Staff (or whatever you customise the name to be in Settings → Company settings page) are who you will be rostering!

It is important to add at least a few staff to your account before you build your first roster.

For an overview of the most important settings and alternate ways to upload staff, go to the Docs → System guides → Getting started → Add staff support page.

What happens when I delete a staff?

When you delete an staff none of previous shifts are removed. This means they will also show on old rosters and within reporting. What does happen is all future shifts are unassigned from them, their future booked leave is removed and future unavailability cleared.

How can I bring them back?

To bring a previously deleted staff back, just enter their old ID into staff create form. The page will then ask if you want to un-delete them. Below you will find a breakdown of all the fields in the Account → Staff location of your account.

Field NameExampleDescription
ID*ST1001A unique identifier for the staff record. An ID can be comprised of text and/or numbers up to 20 characters in length. If the ID used belongs to an existing deleted staff, it will be un-deleted.
First name*JohnThe staff's given name. This will be used when the system communicates with them.
Last nameSmithThe staff's surname. While this field is not required for general use of the system it is required for most payroll integrations to work.
PermissionsSP1001The Permission profile associated with the staff, which dictates what they can view and which tasks they can perform in the staff Area. Permission profiles can be created and edited on the 'Settings -> staff permissions' page of your account. This field defaults to first non-deleted permission profile.
Picturehttp://ento.com/staffpics/john.smith.jpgA photo of the staff, used within the system to help you visually identify them. The file you upload should be in .png, .jpg, or .jpeg format. The file will be resized to 120x120 pixels on upload and should be no larger than 4MB.
Mobile0412345578The staff's mobile phone number. This should be a 10-digit Australian number starting with 04. It should not contain anything other than digits. The mobile number can also be used by the staff as their login username.
Mobile notifyyesIf the system should send notifications to the staff's mobile phone.
Emailjohn@example.comThe staff's email address. This should be a single string of text containing an @ symbol and at least one full stop. The email address can also be used by the staff as their login username.
Email notifyyesIf the system should send notifications to the staff's email address.
Temp passwordGrfe4532Fill in if you would like to specify a new temporary password the staff needs to use to log in. If not specified and the staff is new, a random password will be generated.
NotesHas CPR cert.The notes field can be used to store extra pieces of information. For example, a list of their qualifications, additional contact methods, or general remarks on their work quality. staff never see what you have written here.
Commencement date2010-12-09
Termination date2015-12-09
Base rate43.235The standard hourly cost of the staff. This field can hold up to three decimal points and defaults to ‘0’.
AwardAW1001An award is a set of rules the system follows to cost employee shifts accurately and warn you about potential rostering and pay issues. Awards are configured on the 'Settings -> Awards' page of your account. This field defaults to first non-deleted award.
Pay schedulePS1001The pay schedule defines the pay cycle your staff is on. pay schedules are configured on the 'Settings -> Company Settings' page of your account. This field defaults to first non-deleted pay schedule which most companies only have one of.
Weekly ordinary hours38.000The ordinary amount of hours the staff is contracted to work per week. For casuals this would be 0 and for full-time staff it would be 38. This field defaults to '0' and can hold numbers with up to three decimal points.
Work scheduleOS1001Work schedules let you define the normal (or contracted) daily split of your full-time or part-time staff's 'ordinary hours'. These definitions are then used when multiple day leave requests are made - so the system knows how many hours of leave to subtract on each day. The split is also used to make budget reports more accurate. For casuals, (zero ‘ordinary hours'), you don’t need to set a work schedule.
Leave balance helperLeave balance fields are updated by the system when pay cycles are processed and should only be manually edited in special circumstances or when first creating the staff.
Primary areaAR1001The area where the staff primarily or most commonly works. Used by the system when determining manager/s to send leave and unavailability requests too. This field defaults to first non-deleted area.
Primary roleRO1001The role where the staff primarily or most commonly works. Used to group the staff on the roster builder and sort them towards the top of suggestion lists when shifts need filling for said role. This field defaults to first non-deleted role.
RolesAll the roles a staff can work, including their primary role should be ticked below. These selections are used by the system when suggesting staff for shifts you have added or need to find a fill-in for. Star ratings can be set and used to further tune the order staff are shown in suggestion lists.
Add roles from another areaTo select roles for a staff you must first select the area the roles are found within from this drop-down.
Copy from another staffIf the staff you are adding or editing shares a similar set of roles to another staff within your company, select them in this list. Note: All previous role selections and ratings will be removed on save.
Custom dataCustom data fields can be used to store additional pieces of information on staff, which you can then report on. Custom data fields can be defined on the 'Settings -> Custom data' page of your account.

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only

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Overview of adding and editing staff details
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