Return of the calendar view to the Staff Area

Today we are happy to announce the return of the calendar view to the Staff Area. The calendar view will be available immediately within the web version, tomorrow in the Google Play app and sometime next week in the Apple Store app (depending on how long it takes Apple to review the update).


So why did we drop the old calendar view?

As we started optimising the Staff Area for use on mobiles (how 90% of staff access it), we found the old calendar was getting extremely cluttered and unresponsive on such small screens. It also took up a large portion of the old dashboard, pushing other important information out of immediate view.

At this point, we made the decision to replace it with dedicated pages for checking shifts & leave, organising shift trades and managing unavailability requests. We also built a ‘Calendar sync’ which allowed staff to hook their Ento account up to their local calendar. We thought we nailed it….

But the people have spoken!

While we’ve had some great feedback on the new dedicated pages and how well they draw attention to items in need of review, there’s been numerous requests to reinstate the old calendar view. So that’s what we’ve done!

Not only have we brought back the calendar view, we’ve rebuilt it from the ground up so it works amazingly well in small mobile screens and tablets. To get around it cannibalising the dashboard we sat it behind a menu item, Calendar view.

For a full run down on how the Staff Area works, head to the System guides → Staff guide → Functionality manual page.

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