Reviewing Your Recruitment Strategy for Casuals

How to review your recruitment strategy

In such a tight talent market, it’s crucial to review your current recruitment strategy for casual employees. It shouldn’t be a set and forget process. So if what you relied on in the past isn’t giving you the volume of applicants you need, it’s time to look at different ways to do this.

What About an Open Hiring Strategy?

When we’re in such a tight candidate market, consider broadening your pool of potential workers. An open hiring strategy is one approach. This is where the first person who applies gets the job, without a resume, interview, or any pre-requisites of experience and skills.

This recruitment strategy is meant to remove the barriers of employment some marginalised groups face – like those with a disability, homelessness, or who have been previously incarcerated. Not only are you providing opportunities to people who wouldn’t have been considered for a role before, but it’s also a way to uncover great talent your competitors aren’t reaching.

In Australia, the first retailer who introduced open hiring was The Body Shop. They established this policy for their open seasonal positions. Applicants only had to answer three questions – if they could work eight hours in one shift, lift 11kg, and if they were legally allowed to work in the country. The first person who could answer yes to all these questions was then invited to have a conversation with the store manager on what the role entailed. If the applicant was happy with this, they got the job.

If open hiring is too broad for your business, why not take a less extreme approach? You could remove the requirement for experience and instead put in place processes to upskill on the job. Eliminate the need for a formal interview for casual roles, or replace it with a short trial instead.

Review Your Recruitment Channels

As competition for casual staff gets tougher, it’s important to review your advertising channels. Our tips to do this are below:

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