Product Showcase – April 2020

Welcome to our product showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments.

Facial recognition break clocking    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]

Customers who use facial recognition on the time clock will be able to track breaks better with the ability to clock them in and out and therefore verify them in the same way they manage clock in and clock outs.

This extra layer of security and monitoring only adds a few seconds to your employee’s normal routine and will enable your business to audit all timesheets to a more granular level.


Work schedule start times   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

Managers will be able to add start times to individual days of an employee’s work schedule, via the redesigned work schedule UI or existing file import, so that leave loadings are correctly applied for the employee and can be customised to their start times.

Shift offers in Manager Go   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

Continuing to expand on the quick actions available to users of our Manager Go app, the shift offer functionality will be familiar to users of the Fill-in Finder of our roster builder, allowing managers to quickly replace sick employees at any time by offering & assigning a shift to their employees using Manager Go

Offer a shift using the “first come, first served” or “final selection by manager” options, view employees responses & assign the shift to ensure all shifts are filled as efficiently as possible.


Add start time to leave requests    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]

Managers can now enter start times for leave when creating & approving leave requests


GPS clock will require location services    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]

GPS clocking will have a new setting that requires staff to have location services/GPS enabled on their device.

This ensures their shift is recorded correctly on clock in and out, and they’re paid what they are entitled to, all with minimal effort from staff and no follow up from managers.


FastTrack integration   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

Further development is underway on our upcoming FastTrack integration, preparing for the deep relationship between your Ento and FastTrack data that will span many areas of the platform.



See you next month for another update! Feel free to check out past showcases here.

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