Product Showcase – 31/08/2018

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 20/08 to 31/08!

Compliance mode – released

Easily resolve compliance issues within rosters


  • New roster mode enabling users to quickly identify non-compliant areas within rosters
  • Heat mapping summary to quickly identify days with the most compliance issues
  • Compliance alerts revealed by default in day & roster view


  • Allow rostering managers to easily identify & resolve the most problematic areas negatively affecting roster health


Compliance mode – in design

Exploring second iteration to streamline process


  • Split low & critical alerts
  • Filtering at an award rule level
  • Focus on the most important award rules for your business


  • To provide rostering managers with the tools to resolve compliance issues efficiently


Message sending re-design – released

Dramatically reduced sending times


  • Reduced message sending time to less than 3 seconds per message


  • Improve our service quality by delivering messages in times that are expected
  • Preparation for an increase in throughput as we rollout push notifications


Push notifications – in development

Employee notifications via push notifications


  • Push notifications available for all employee notification types


  • Frequently requested feature by customers


  • Customers wanting push notifications


  • Customers can choose to use push notifications for all employee notification types


Autofill & optimise roster – phase 3 – in development

Implementing Ento’s autofill & optimise engine


Phase 1

  • Autofill empty shifts within a roster

Phase 2

  • Intuitive suggestion review process

Phase 3

  • Optimise rosters contextually via selection
  • Impact summary of autofill & optimise suggestions
  • Accept/dismiss suggestions in bulk


  • Full visibility of the improvements of the autofill & optimisation process to humanise the automation
  • Control remains with managers by giving them final say for each suggestion


Leave blackout periods – in development

Block staff from applying for leave during set periods


  • New section under payroll & leave where blackout periods may be configured
  • Blocks staff from applying for leave during these periods
  • Managers will be able to override leave during blackout periods based on permissions


  • Some businesses, typically retail, have periods where staff are required to be available at all times


Late clock out notifications – in development

Email alerts to managers when staff have failed to clock out on time


  • Time based configuration via manager permissions
  • Email notifications which aggregate late clock outs every 5 minutes


  • Help companies to save money on unnecessary late clock outs


Roster vital publish check – in design

Check your roster vitals before you publish


  • Visibility & breakdowns of roster vitals
  • Block roster publish if your roster vitals are not ok


  • Understand your rosters vitals before publishing or submitting a roster
  • Have confidence rostering managers are building rosters that look after your business vitals


Costing mode – in concept

Control & review unhealthy rosters


  • It’s difficult to can’t easily identify areas where spend can be reduced


  • Improve visibility of where costs land on your roster


  • Rostering managers and regional managers


  • You can identify, get insights into & resolve costing issues within your roster


Other features

Keyboard shortcuts in the new roster builder – released

  • Command-C/Ctrl-C: Copy the selected item to the clipboard. This applies to shifts & notes
  • Command-V/Ctrl-V: Paste the contents of the clipboard
  • Delete: Delete the selected item
  • Esc: Cancel


Roster settings, row hiding & reordering – released

Allows rostering managers to fully customise their roster view to work as efficiently as possible


Visual improvements to our new roster builder – released

Find & interpret information quicker with cleaner visuals


Timesheet driven demand – in development

Using previous timesheets as a demand driver in the absence of sales or footfall


Roster health bar – in development

Live health metrics & health status displayed within the roster builder


Shift notes for employees – in development

Communicate extra information, via custom shift data, to employees. Great for that extra information your staff need to do their job. E.g. site address, client bill codes, service notes


New roster builder finalisation – in development

Rounding out & polish of a number of features within the new roster builder


Roster vital preferences – in concept

Configuration to define company vitals & their thresholds


Bulk workflow creation – in concept

Kick off ‘mid-employee-lifecycle’ workflows in bulk to filtered groups of employees



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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