Product Showcase – 30/08/2019

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 19/08 to 30/08!


Manager Go   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

The Ento Edge™

  • Perform actions as easily & quickly as possible
  • User centric approach & innovative use of gestures for super fast mobile interactions
  • Injecting ‘smarts’ to streamline interactions


Delivery roadmap

1. Replace sick employees   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]
Replace sick employees easily through shift suggestions

2. Make last minute shift changes   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]
Edit the shift label, break, employee & role for shifts

3. On the spot timesheet approval    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]
Edit & approve timesheets on the go via push notifications or “swipe to approve” within the app

4. Who’s working    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]
See who’s clocked in & out of their shifts & view their contact details to contact employees who haven’t shown up for work

5. Call in employees    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]
Offer shifts to employees to replace employees who haven’t turned up for work today. Or add a new shift when it’s busy through shift suggestions

6. Manage shift change requests    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]
View & approve or reject shift swap drops & covers via a notification centre


Improved roster create   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

Complete review of roster creation

Visual updates to the roster create process to unify the user experience across Ento & improve the clarity of information for one of the most used pages of Ento


Platform UI uplift    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]

Ento’s modern look & feel from onboarding & rostering

Bring Ento’s newest look & feel to older areas of the app. Key areas to improve:

  • Timesheet review
  • Leave approval
  • Employee profile
  • Balancing effort, value & the cost to maintain by exploring a proof of concept this month to migrate to utilise the tools used in the onboarding & rostering areas of the product


FastTrack <> Ento – Deep integration    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]

End to end – Recruit, roster, time, pay & bill for staffing & labour hire businesses


Other features

Bulk workflows via file import    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]
Use the file import to kickoff workflows for a large number of employees. Eliminate the manual process of creating workflows one by one

Custom data field ordering    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]
Providing rostering managers clearer visibility of custom data fields when rostering to ensure employees are given all of the information they need when working

Redesigned integration experience    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DISCOVERY[/bs_label]
Improved integration setup & management by consolidating multiple integrations into one with a “turn key” approach



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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