Product Showcase – 29/03/2019

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 18/03 to 29/03!


Object group visibility    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]

Ensure sensitive employee information remains private

Give managers ‘no access’, ‘view only’ or ‘view & edit’ permission over employee information groups

Restrict information such as salary, exit interview details & performance management details


Refreshed platform look & feel    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASING[/bs_label]

Our modern look & feel from onboarding & rostering on existing pages

Visual updates to the platform to unify the user experience & improve the clarity of information

These are style updates exclusively & won’t change information shown

First batch of high traffic page (customers & demos):

  • Rosters
  • Review timesheets
  • Leave
  • Employee list
  • Unavailability
  • Pay cycles

Due for release Wednesday 10/4.


Manage pre-start & deleted employees

Reactivate, view & manage terminated & prestart employees

Super managers can filter employees by status (active, prestart, deleted)

Update details & allow deletion for pre-start employees   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

Reactivate deleted employees    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]


Easily access employee info in role view   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

Roster against roles & demand, but still see who you are rostering

Click the employee’s name in a shift info panel for quick access to the assigned employee’s info from any view


Manager login Single-Sign On   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

Security, peace of time & less forgotten passwords

Integrate with Active Directory via ADFS or Okta

Centrally control access & credentials for all employees – Ensure onboarding and offboarding stays smooth and secure

Employees can use their company email and password to access Ento — less forgotten passwords


Chris21 employee export     [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]

Allowing managers to export employee information in the Chris21 format

For easily importing employee data into Chris21 payroll systems

Removes manual process for operations team of exporting employee information in the Chris21 format


Demand driven rostering actuals    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]

Data actuals for demand driving rostering

Gain insight into forecast accuracy & adjust future days in the roster when needed

Better understanding of whether rosters are compliant & financially viable


Roster create UX    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]

Improving the roster create process

Improved roster create process to help managers better understand the required information to make better decisions when creating rosters


Other features

Bulk create rosters for non-company managers    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]
All managers types with full roster access can now bulk create rosters for their areas


Roster builder scroll performance    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]
Further improvements to reduce the delay of cells when scrolling in the new roster builder


Workflow email attachments    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]
Files attached to workflow notification emails can now be sent with the email



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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