Product Showcase – 23/11/2018

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 12/11 to 23/11!


Single Sign-On

Security, peace of mind & less passwords

Integrate with Active Directory via ADFS or Okta

Centrally control access & credentials for all employees – Ensure onboarding and offboarding stays smooth and secure

Employees can use their company email and password to access Ento — less forgotten passwords


Roster publish screen

Make sure your roster works for you by balancing roster vitals

Check your roster vitals before publishing a roster to ensure you are meeting business objectives

Reinforcing business objectives by introducing roster vitals to more steps of the rostering process


Phase 2  – in development

Adding roster vital widgets to the publish screen to reinforce business level objectives


Qualification based demand

Ensure compliance by having qualified staff working when you need them

Ensure you always have qualified staff working when you need them

Easily see employees that are qualified and not so you can make smarter decisions when rostering

Know when your staff need requalifying – a staff member becomes qualified or unqualified on a roster so you know when your staff need to be re-trained


Role based demand

Maximise revenue & minimise costs by having staff rostered when you need them

Use role based demand to make sure you always have staff performing key roles for your business

See not only the roles that contribute to headcount, but your full roster so you can make smarter decisions


Demand driven rostering – in development

Save time by automating the building of optimal rosters

Automatically create the optimal mix of shifts when building new rosters by considering available staff & forecasted headcount

Ensure you have the right people at the right time by automating the matching of staff to shifts

If you prefer a little more control, there is an option to build the optimal mix of shifts and fill yourself.


Timesheet details in employee app – in design

Save your payroll team time & minimise queries by allowing employees to see timesheets in their app

New setting that can be turned on to allow employees to see the rostered, worked & authorised times of their shifts in the staff app so managers don’t have to field questions about hours worked vs hours paid


Other features

Smart break times – released
Save time entering shifts by having break start times smartly guessed when entering a break length.


Autofill updates – released
The optimise functionality and roster summary have been removed to streamline autofill until further improvements can be made


Hours in day view – released
Viewing a roster in day view now uses smarts to only display hours of the day currently rostered


Compliance alert visual fixes – released
The new roster builder now shows compliance alerts much more reliably, especially on groups of shifts


Roster vital summary cell – in design
Help make informed decisions by having information in the roster summary cell contextual to the roster vital being viewed.



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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