Product Showcase – 2022 Q1 Update

Welcome to our product showcase for the first quarter of 2022. Here you can learn about what new and exciting features and functionality we’ve released in the past few months. If you’ve missed any of our previous product showcase posts, you can check them out here!

Performance Updates

There have been several updates made to improve the reliability and speed of the system.The performance updates cover:

  • Faster more reliable processing of shift changes made on a roster, including publishing rosters.
  • Automated imports and exports. Now, when dealing with large amounts of data, processing can continue without errors. 
  • We’ve also updated the way imports work so that if you happen to be missing a pay schedule or a work schedule, these records are skipped instead of causing the import to fail.

Error Notification Improvements

Now when creating shifts on a roster, if the system detects any issues with doing so, there will be an error message generated with information around what is causing it! You can then rectify the issue or use this information to contact our support team for assistance.

Bulk Shift Copy

Bulk shift copy functionality has been updated to support an even larger amount of shifts to be copied from one roster to another. We also updated how far into the future you can copy a roster from – it’s now 50 years!

Roster Shift Icons

Shifts on a roster can now display more than one icon. Users can now see: 

  • If the shift has been locked
  • The shift alert (bell icon) to indicate shift acknowledgement, or if an employee has requested a shift swap/cover/drop and it requires manager approval 

intelliHR Integration

intelliHR is a people management platform helping HR, leaders and managers enhance performance, culture, engagement and retention. A new add-on is available to integrate intelliHR and Ento. The add-on will automatic send active employees from intelliHR to Ento! Follow the intelliHR Addon setup guide to get up and running.  

We’re sure these subtle but mighty updates will improve your rostering experience across the board! As always, if you need support in using Ento, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team. 

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