Product Showcase – Recap 2021

Welcome to our recap of 2021: the product showcase edition! We spent last year working hard behind the scenes, and we’re excited to share all of the new ways our customers can save time and become more efficient with Ento. Read on to learn more about the product enhancements and new functionality we’re super excited to share with you.

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Budgets on rosters can be based on hours as well as dollars

When creating a roster or importing budgets, budgets can be based on hours, dollars or both. You can set the budget for the whole roster or for each individual day allowing for specific amounts to be set. You can learn about importing roster budgets here and how to create a roster with a budget here.

Leave hours and worked hours can be displayed separately

The total roster hours show on the top left information panel can now be configured to show total hours of leave.

Multi brand

Within the same Ento account, multiple brand profiles can be set up and assigned to managers and staff so that the logo, colours and signature they see varies depending on the brand profile that is assigned to them. This feature applies to the web portal, staff app and timeclock. You can learn more about multi brand here.

Updating shifts via an import

Building on the existing functionality of being able to create shifts via an import, users are now able to update shifts via an import as well. It adds value by way of acting like a bulk update mechanism across multiple rosters (as opposed to bulk edit in the roster that only lets you update shifts in bulk within a specific roster). You can learn more about shift import here.

Locking shifts on a roster

Managers are now able to lock shifts in order to restrict other managers (based on permissions) from editing these locked shifts on a roster. This means that the following is blocked on a locked shift:

  • Editing the shift times or break times
  • Changing the employee on the shift
  • Changing or adding any custom fields
  • Drag and dropping the shift
  • Copy – pasting the shift
  • Deleting the shift

Xplor integration

Users of the Xplor Childcare Management system are able to automate a sync of; actual attendance data, actual bookings data and actual revenue data into Ento and connect them to their Demand Driven Rostering setup.

Vacant shift export

Users of the Cornerstone recruitment system who use locked shifts on the roster can export out vacant shifts to then recruit staff into the vacancies.

VaxTrack report

Managers have access to a new report to review the vaccination status of the company (or location / department / area). The report will tell you how many employees are vaccinated or unvaccinated as well as the proportion of staff against each roles within the organisation that require vaccination and whether they have been vaccinated or not. You can read more about how this feature works and how to configure it here

Pronto Integration

Users of the Pronto ERP can export Payroll and Leave information.

Filter based on reporting manager

This feature builds on Ento’s existing reporting structure and builds direct connections between a staff member and a manager, which can be used as a filter when approving timesheets, leave and unavailability or searching for a staff member. You can read more about how this feature works and how to configure it here.

Part day leave in the staff app

Staff members can now apply for a few hours of leave via Ento, perfect for when when staff only need to take a few hours rather than an entire day of leave. You can learn how to access the staff app here and learn about it’s functionality here.

Custom data on staff managed timesheets

This feature allows staff members to add or edit shift-related custom data entries when submitting timesheets. You can read more about how this feature works and how to configure it here.

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