Product Showcase – 20/07/2018

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 9/07 to 20/07!

On roster demand visualisations – released

Actionable on roster visualisations


  • New headcount need graphs that are action oriented by focusing on the difference between headcount need and rostered


  • Enable us to roll out the new roster builder to customers using the labour demand graph
  • Lay foundations for mature demand forecasting & auto rostering


Shift suggestions, copy & paste, row ordering – in development

Key functionality enabling quick rostering


  • Shift suggestions within the edit panel
  • Shift copy & paste for fast shift creation
  • Row ordering from classic roster builder will be adhered to (reordering in the new roster builder coming soon)


  • Three most commonly mentioned features in post go-live customer feedback


Shift custom data – in development

Attach additional information to shifts


  • Custom data options within the shift create/edit panel


  • Enable us to roll out NRB to customers using shift custom data


Smart fill & optimise roster – v1 in development

Implementing Ento’s optimise & fill engine


  • Option to auto-fill all unassigned shifts within a roster


  • This is the first step in implementing Ento’s optimise & fill engine


Smart fill & optimise roster – in design

Implementing Ento’s optimise & fill engine



  • Single & multi select autofill user journeys
  • Optimise assigned shifts
  • Suggestion review process to accept or reject suggested employees


  • Enable rostering managers to efficiently fill unassigned shifts
  • Enabling rostering managers to optimise their filled shifts against company level KPIs
  • Build trust of system driven decisions with rostering managers


Roster health – in design

Define & promote business objectives


  • Triage process through the information panel to address demand, compliance & costing alerts
  • Roster health information when publishing rosters
  • Additional levels of permissions to allow blocking publish based on health status


  • Providing a clear entry point for rostering managers to resolve any issues with a roster
  • Allowing business objectives to be adhered to at all levels


Smart leave assignment – released

To allow better association of empty shifts to leave

  • Client led development
  • New permission under employee permission profile
  • Leave is assigned to the role of the shift the employee have on the day of the leave, or their primary role
  • Allows more granular cost attribution of leave
  • Can be used to visualise why a role has a different person or more people working
  • Can be used to infer linkage between leave and unfilled shifts


Other features

Forecast optimisation – in development

Improving architectural design for sales & forecast engine


Roster UI performance – in development

A loop back to address the speed of user interactions and scrolling performance on larger rosters


Message sending redesign – in development

Redesigning the message sending system to dramatically increase speed of delivery


Workflow performance – in development

Workflow performance will be improved as it sometimes takes more than a minute to create a new workflow

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