Product Showcase – 18/01/2019

We’re back with our first product showcase of 2019, for the fortnight from 07/01 to 18/01, full of exciting release information and early looks at upcoming developments!


Target based costing mode – released

Take control of costs by proactively measuring labour spend efficiency

Use data like bookings, sales or orders to proactively measure how efficient your labour spend is

Track against targets to benchmark performance

Drive behaviours & increase understanding with colour coded alerts

Know which days are underperforming & make tweaks easily


Custom roster vitals – released

In-roster reinforcement of business level objectives

Ensure rostering managers are adhering to what is important to your business

Use your data, such as bookings, footfall & sales, to guide rostering managers to make optimisations that align with business goals


Single Sign-On – released

Security, peace of time & less passwords

Integrate with Active Directory via ADFS or Okta

Centrally control access & credentials for all employees to ensure onboarding & offboarding is smooth & secure

Less forgotten passwords — Employees can use their company email & password to access Ento

Available within both mobile & web employee apps


Timesheet details in the employee app – in development

Increase transparency & minimise queries to managers & payroll teams

A new employee setting allows visibility of rostered, worked & authorised shift times in the staff app under the timesheets section


Roster resizing – in development

20% more cells so you can view more of what’s important to you


Payslips in the employee app – in development

Give your employees a single workforce management access point

A new add on allows employees to download & view their payslips in the employee app

Initially available for companies using MicroPay


Other features

Date range limits in exports – released
Prevent failed exports, single exports are now capped at 1 year in length


Push notifications – released
Notify employees of upcoming shifts, fill-ins, messages from their manager & other alerts through push notifications


Persistent area order – released
Custom area orders on rosters will now be remembered the next time you view that roster


Improved navigation through roster vitals bar – released
Navigate back to standard roster mode more intuitively via the vitals bar


Custom data in info panel – in development
Get the full picture with all shift custom data displaying in the shift info panel


Leave accrual in days – in development
Increased support for New Zealand’s complex Holiday Act with day-based leave accrual



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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