Product Showcase – 12/10/2018

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 01/10 to 12/10!


Grouped shifts – released

Create, edit & delete groups of shifts in the new roster builder

Create & manage shifts for multiple employees at once, for a single shift period

Important shift information including fill status, shift details & compliance alerts arrogates to the top level


Autofill & optimise – Phase 3/3 released

Final phase of Ento’s autofill & optimise engine

Bulk dismiss or apply the autofill & optimise suggestions to quickly create an efficient roster

Trust Ento’s autofill & optimise engine through confidence rating & suggestion ordering to allow you to confidently bulk apply or dismiss shift suggestions

User experience cleanup before true finalisation


Roster vitals bar – released

View what is important to your business while rostering

Provides visibility while rostering about business level KPIs

Allow rostering managers to make informed business decisions based on roster vitals thresholds

Easily navigate between roster modes to rectify issues with your rosters

Allow your vitals to be renamed and custom vitals to be added to bring extra personalisation to your rostering


Shift notes for employees – released

Use custom data to provide employees with vital information for their shifts

Use custom data fields to give employees access to the information they need to do their job. E.g. site address, client bill codes, service notes


Self service workflows – in design

Allowing employees to initiate workflows

Employees can initiate workflows to update their details, submit a document or view evergreen content.

Examples of uses cases include updating contact details, bank details, self credentialing, submitting expenses or incident reports or checking the policy pack.

Reduce admin time by having employees kick off workflows themselves

Stay in-control with your own workflow templates


Other features

NRB finalisation – released

A large batch of NRB fixes to improve the rostering experience including overall roster performance and improvements to the fill in finder for grouped shifts


Public holidays in NRB – released

Visualisation for when a public holiday is upcoming in the new roster builder


Staff photos in fill-in finder – released

You can now see a list of staff whom a shift fill in has been offered to in the fill in finder with their photo & name


Timecode popularity – released

Shift label suggestions when creating or updating a shift in the new Roster Builder are now affected by popularity


Roster vitals preferences – released

Set what is vital to your business & make it a core part of your rosters


Push notifications – in development

Notify employees of any changes to their roster through their device


Costing mode – in development

Allowing you to identify, get insights into & resolve costing issues within your roster


Single sign-on via Okta – in development

Allow employees to log into Ento using Okta, a single sign-on service.

Allows customers to centrally control access and credentials through systems like Active Directory.



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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