Product Showcase – 08/06/2018

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 28/05 to 08/06!

Beta launched on 6th June

Small initial group with close feedback


  1. Polish & fix prior to beta release done
  2. “Get ready to beta” email went out to 7 customers who expressed interest
  3. Beta went live, June 6th!


  1. Post beta interviews starting this week
  2. Feedback collated & acted on
  3. Beta group expanded based on feature set & user type
  4. Cont. polish & fixes prior to public release


Beta fix & polish – released

Persistent info panel

Testing revealed a consistent theme of the info panel providing high value. To enable users to access this value in less steps we have changed the info panel to be open by default

Selected states

Implement new selected states to improvement to visual contrast & help users not get lost. This is in response to findings in the feedback sessions

Shift input usability

Major usability issues with shift label drop downs were called out & observed within the shift create / edit form in feedback sessions. These have been fixed

Compliance alert fixes

Missing descriptions & non parity of compliance alerts have been fixed to ensure users can quickly comprehend & correct issues

+ 65 more other fixes


More employees, fill-in finder – in development


Single UX and workflow for finding an employee

  • Currently too many different experiences for finding an employee for a shift. More employees, fill-in finder & batch shift
  • Consolidation of experiences as the goal and questions are the same
  • UX will be consistent between more employees, offer, offer review, batch assign and future state bulk edit


Roster actions – in development

Ready to action information



  • Modular action cards shown in edit and info panels
  • Actionable from any location
  • Actions covered include swap, cover, drop, shift confirmation and fill-ins
  • “What if” analysis done on swap, cover and drop
  • Future state to-do list will further drive quick actioning


Shift batches in the new roster builder – in development

Enabling batch users to use new roster builder

  • Now a ‘groups of shifts’
  • Bringing shift batches into the new roster builder enables us to move across to the new roster builder sooner
  • In response to customer feedback, this is an opportunity to iron out creases in the current process
  • Takes advantage of the same UX as the more employees allowing a single panel for multi-assign and multi-edit
  • Future state of unlinking shifts has been considered


Roster health bar – in development

KPI driven signals to indicate the health of a roster



These signals will be used to highlight issues which adhere to business objectives & to draw the rostering manager into the different modes to rectify


Other roster builder features – in development

Qualification adherence

Visual signals for unqualified employees, roles, & blocking drag & drop. Allows customers utilising this feature to use the new roster builder

Roster from outside area

Filters within ‘more employees’ to access extra employees

Shift custom data

Custom data management as part of shift creation. Allows customers utilising this feature to use the new roster builder

Shift tags & additional styles

Visual style to signify shift tags & on call / call out tags in the new roster builder to help users quickly digest differentiators between shifts


Weather in the date bar & info panel breakdowns

Ongoing beta release

Next batch of customers to be agreed on and released to

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