Product Showcase – 07/06/2019

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 27/05 to 07/06!


Ento login improvements    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]

Creating a better first impression with an easier login process

Reduce employee queries to managers about how to access the staff area on desktop with a clear landing screen so employees & managers can easily log into the staff or manager areas of Ento

New log in process to improve usability & bring the interface inline with the newer areas of the product

Account access made up 9% of all support queries in April


Filter display on listing pages    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]

Clearly see which filters are applied to listing pages

See the filters applied to various listing pages to better understand the information being presented.

We are seeing less support queries for “Where is my approved leave, approved unavailability & archived rosters?”


Employee ‘My details’ workflows

Save time, give your employees visibility & let them keep their information up to date

Configure a new workflow type to allow employees access via the staff app to update their:

  • Contact details
  • Bank details
  • Visas
  • Qualifications

Use single stage showcase workflows to give employees ongoing access to their contracts & other important documents


Delivery roadmap

Iteration 1    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]

  • New ‘My HR’ section in the staff app for workflows
  • ‘Welcome screen’ only shows when a mandatory workflow is outstanding

Iteration 2   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

  • New ‘Self service – Employee details’ workflow template type
  • Give all employees access to a ‘Self service – Employee details ’ workflow

Iteration 3   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

  • Give groups of employees access to a ‘Self service – Employee details’ workflow by employee permission profile

Iteration 4   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

  • Give groups of employees access to a ‘Self service – Employee details’ workflow by area, area group, role & role type

Iteration 5   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

  • ‘Workflow history’ – list of all workflows completed in the staff app



Role colour coding   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

Ensure role coverage with easily scannable rosters

Colour code the roles on your roster to be able to easily assess the allocation of shifts per role


Other features

PayGlobal employee information export    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]

Integration to allow the import & export of employee information between PayGlobal & Ento


Ongoing New Zealand Leave support    [bs_label type=”success”]RELEASED[/bs_label]

Leave requests in the staff app now display contextual information for customers in New Zealand


Ento API   [bs_label type=”warning”]IN DEVELOPMENT[/bs_label]

Ento API to allow customers to access their own data such as employee, shift, role & area information


2-step authentication login to Ento    [bs_label type=”info”]IN DESIGN[/bs_label]

2-step authentication can now be set up for your account to ensure your data is secure



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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