Product Showcase – 06/07/2018

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 25/06 to 06/07!


New roster builder goes live

13% of customers now using the new rostering experience


  • Initial 7 customers granted access – June 6th
  • 390 super managers granted access – June 19th
  • 13% of customers switched over by default – July 5th


  • Weather using customers will be switched over this week (280+ accounts)
  • Progressive go-live will continue over the next 4 weeks based on feature set
  • Polish & fixes continuing this sprint – reacting to feedback
  • Adding more features such as shift copy/paste, reordering groups/roles/staff, shift suggestions


On call & call out shifts – released

Quickly identify your important shifts


  • Coloured tags to identify ‘On call’ & ‘Call out’ shifts


  • Allow easy identification of other shift types for managers
  • Developing a pattern that will be used by custom shift tags also


Grouped shifts ‘view’ – released

Efficient rostering for heavy workloads


  • ‘Grouped shifts’ now have parity between existing & new roster builder (can be viewed not created or edited)
  • ‘Grouped shifts’ allow identical shifts to be bulk created & managed through single actions


  • Our opportunity to iron out creases in the current process
  • Shortcuts rostering workflow for users rostering very similar shifts
  • Leverages the UX of more employees allowing a single panel for multi-assign & multi-edit
  • Future state of unlinking shifts has been considered to allow flexibility
  • Enables us to move batch users across to the new roster builder sooner


Weather – released part 1

Insightful weather to help you roster


  • A revitalised weather bar in the new roster builder
  • Detailed weather information included in day & hour info panels


  • 70% of existing customers accounts use this feature
  • Weather is an important factor in predicting demand for many businesses
  • Brings life, personality & colour to the new roster builder


Auto fill & optimise prototype – completed

First steps to implementing Ento’s optimise & fill engine


  • A proof of concept showcasing bulk shift fill & optimise capabilities
  • Operating on a rule & penalty based algorithm
  • A full scenario based algorithm resulting in healthy rosters, rather than simply individually healthy shifts


  • Prototyping will create a clear understanding of effort required. Especially when it comes to distilling already configured Ento awards into shift fill rules
  • Will enable early delivery of shift fill with the implementation of limited rules
  • Automated shift fill currently an expectation within workforce management deals
  • Future state will allow smart fill to be utilised:
    • On-demand or automated within roster creation processes.
    • For single shifts or bulk
    • In a ‘what if’ scenario to understand the impact of things like shift swaps


Auto fill & optimise cont. – in design and development

Taking auto fill & optimise from concept to reality


  • Optimise engine & configuration to be scoped & built
  • Flesh out concept & design intuitive user journey/s


  • Prototype validated the concept. Now we will design the user journey/s
  • Engine flexibility & extensibility will allow future state of fill & optimise


Shift custom data – in development

Attach additional information to shifts


  • Custom data options within the shift create/edit panel


  • Enable us to roll out NRB to customers using shift custom data


On roster demand visualisations – in development

Actionable on roster visualisations


  • New headcount need graphs that are action oriented by focusing on the difference between headcount need and rostered
  • Detailed weather information included in day & hour info panels


  • Enable us to roll out the new roster builder to customers using the labour demand graph
  • Lay foundations for mature demand forecasting & auto rostering


Roster health approval process – in design

Define & promote business objectives


  • Approval processes based on roster health metrics
  • Roster health based reviewing & reporting
  • Unifying roster publish with health metrics


  • Solidify roster health concept across other platform touch points


Bulk creation of workflows – in design

Easily kick off multiple workflows


  • Bulk create onboards
  • Bulk create other workflows
  • Review & refine current concept designs


  • Creating high volumes of workflow is currently a time consuming process
  • Increase the usability & strengthen the offering of Ento’s workflow module
  • Allow stronger adoption of mid-lifecycle workflows


Other features

Shift Suggestions – in development

Shortcut rostering actions by suggesting most suitable shift & employee combinations
for roles & days


Roster Settings – in development

Ability to hide/show empty rows, group/ungroup employees by role & expand/collapse groups of shifts


Contracts now remember object positions – in development

Contracts now remember the position of existing objects when editing


Miscellaneous – in development

  • Workflow kickoff performance improvements
  • Forecast optimisation for scaling

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