Product Showcase – 03/08/2018

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 23/07 to 03/08!


Shift copy & paste, view timesheets & shift details – released

Key functionality enabling quick rostering




  • Users can now copy and paste single shifts
  • Quick links to viewing shift details and timesheets


  • Copy and paste allow quicker building of rosters
  • Shift details & timesheet details allow quick off roster insights


Adherence to sort modes & ordering – released

Key functionality for roster customisation




  • Sort modes and order in staff & role views are now adhered to on the new roster builder
  • Alphabetically sort roles or staff
  • Custom sort roles or staff
  • Group by primary roles in staff view


  • Allows customers to group & order staff and roles in a meaningful way to them. All chefs, then waiters etc.


On roster shift tags – released

Tag shifts for quick identification




  • Allow shifts to be tagged with custom data and have it visually represented on the roster


  • Make important shifts “pop” out from the roster
  • Ensure important shifts get first attention for filling and quick resolution


Autofill & optimise roster – phase 1 in development

Implementing Ento’s autofill & optimise engine




  • Quickly autofill empty shifts within a roster
  • Leverage per award rules to control the balance between costs, compliance and filling a shift


  • A first step to automating rostering
  • Save time, increase compliance and reduce costs


Autofill & optimise roster – phase 2 in development

Implementing Ento’s autofill & optimise engine




  • Either fill empty shifts or optimise both filled and unfilled shifts
  • Autofill or optimise rosters contextually via selection
  • Intuitive suggestion review process keeps information accessible but complexity hidden


  • Quickly optimise and fill rosters so that rosters have the right staff at the right time
  • Increase compliance, reduce costs and save time
  • Visual review process will build trust in Ento’s algorithm as it creates smart suggestions


Timesheet driven demand – in development

Derive headcount need from past timesheets




  • Managers can now elect to use previous timesheets as demand drivers
  • Will leverage existing forecast settings


  • In the absence of demand drivers such as sales or footfall, headcount need can still be forecasted off timesheets
  • A “no-effort” path to demand driven rostering
  • Respond to constant timesheet over/under authorisation on rosters pre-publish.


Optimised roster and day navigation – in development

Intuitive navigation for faster rostering




  • Replaced the day/roster dropdown menu with individual day and roster buttons
  • In roster and summary view a date can now be selected to navigate to the corresponding day
  • Select a health metric in the roster health bar to navigate to the corresponding roster mode
  • Improved day view navigation so that users can see when they have reached the start or end of their roster


  • Make it easier to move between modes and views
  • Increase the speed at which rostering managers can fix roster health issues


Compliance mode – in design

Easily resolve compliance issues within rosters




  • A new roster mode to help quickly identify non-compliant areas within rosters
  • Heat mapping within summary to quickly identify days with the most compliance issues
  • Made compliance alerts revealed by default in day and roster view


  • Allow rostering managers to easily identify days that are negatively affecting roster health and resolve compliance alerts


Roster publish & approval processes – in design

Define & promote business objectives




  • Roster health information when publishing rosters
  • Additional levels of permissions to allow blocking roster publish based on health status
  • Ability to publish or reject rosters and leave comments for other managers


  • Providing a clear entry point for rostering managers to resolve any issues with a roster
  • Allowing business objectives to be adhered to at all levels


Other features

Workflow performance – released

Workflow performance has been improved as it sometimes took more than a minute to create a new workflow


Message sending redesign – in development

Redesigned the message sending system to reduce delivery time from to less than 5 seconds


Scale ready forecast engine – in development

Redeveloped the forecast engine to increase sales forecasting speed by 3 times and enable scaling to cope with higher workloads


Roster UI performance – in development

30% overall improvement to roster performance with intent to reach 55-65% improvement in the coming week

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