Product Showcase – 01/02/2019

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 21/01 to 01/02!


Timesheet details in the employee app – released

Increase transparency & minimise queries to managers & payroll teams

A new employee setting allows visibility of rostered, worked & authorised shift times in the staff app under the timesheets section


Roster resizing – released

20% more cells so you can view more of what’s important to you


Productivity roster vital – in development

Ensure you’re rostering the optimal amount of staff to maximise productivity

Use data like bookings, sales or orders to ensure your labour hours are effectively used

Perfectly balance labour to maximise productivity by tracking against targets

Drive behaviours & increase understanding with colour-coded alerts

Know which days are over-staffed & make tweaks easily


Other features

Smarter shift times – released
Searching for shift labels now only searches for the shift start time & will use existing shift labels instead of creating new ones where possible


Shift break times – released
Break times are now correctly added to the middle of a shift by default when rostering


Improved fill-in shifts on roster – released
Shifts on a roster that have been offered to employees to fill-in will now display correctly for all employees


Shift tags & custom data in shift info panel – released
Easily view all custom data attached to a shift in the information panel


Autofill with your best staff first – released
Takes into account employee role ratings to enable managers to make more informed decisions when accepting autofill suggestions


Area operating hours in day view – ready for release
Selecting an area in day view now displays operating hours in the information panel for all areas on a roster


Leave accrual in days – in development
Increased support for New Zealand’s complex Holiday Act with day-based leave accrual


Clock in & out of breaks – in development
Easily audit shifts and keep track of when employees go on break to avoid time theft


Edit staff in staff view – in development
Allowing managers to edit staff assigned to a shift in staff view to easily make changes to a roster


Retail marketing campaign – in design
Campaign content roll out to align with Ento’s new look & feel


Marketing website refresh – in design
Updates to the marketing website to better reflect Ento’s growth & vision for workforce management



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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