Our new Billing System

As of today, we have deployed our new streamlined billing system across all user accounts.

The new Billing Overview page may be accessed via the Account > Billing menu. If you log into a currently expired account you will be instantly directed to this page.

Highlights of the new billing system include:

  • Integrated Credit Card gateway with instant order processing
  • Single account balance for subscription and SMS
  • Ability to prepay as much balance as you like
  • A flat rate SMS credit rate of 15c (previously only available when buying 5,000+ SMS)
  • SMS usage visulisation

Your account balance and payment method, SMS usage, recent orders and payments are now displayed in a dashboard view.


What will happen to my existing SMS credits?
Existing SMS credits on your account will be converted into your Account Balance at the rate of 15 cents per credit.

What if I don’t want to subscribe?
You can still pay-as-you-go by making one-time payments to top up your account balance. The system will still automatically charge your account balance every month, and will send you an email notification if there is insufficient credit available to complete a transaction.

Why can’t I choose my payment amount any more?
Your subscription charge is now automatically calculated based on how many unique staff you rostered in the past month.

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