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At the risk of sounding a little banal, it’s been an action-packed 12 months at Ento HQ. Our team has grown, we’ve added a slew of new features, and we’ve just completed moving our Roster Plus clients over to the Ento platform.

If you’ve come from the Roster Plus platform, there are a number of features we’ve released over the last few months that you can now have access to.

Add-on directory

Using a lot of different software to manage your business? Ento’s add-on marketplace lets you integrate a number of different of business apps with your Ento account, helping you to simplify your processes.

Already offering integrations with some of the global leaders in accounting, HR, booking, payroll, and POS software, the Ento add-on marketplace is adding new integrations all the time.

Find out more at

Fill-in finder changes

The fill-in finder has long been one of our favourite features, and recently we’ve made it even better!

The new and improved fill-in finder makes it even easier for you to find staff to cover a shift at the eleventh hour. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Support for multiple shifts: Need to find multiple staff for the same shift? No problem. The ‘Multiple shifts to fill’ option means you don’t need to add each shift individually
  • First come, first served: Choose whether shifts are allocated on a first come, first served basis, or are subject to manager approval

Want to know more about how the fill-in finder works? Read all about it here:

Feed POS data into your roster

If you’re using one of our integrated POS systems, you now have the ability to feed your POS data into your rosters. See actual and forecasted sales data as you roster, and take the guesswork out of rostering. Sales data is updated every 15 minutes, so you can be confident you’re working with the most up-to-date information.

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Licenses & qualifications (workforce only)

If your workplace has roles that can only be performed by staff with particular qualifications – such as gaming or liquor licences for bar staff, or forklift licences for warehouse staff – our new Qualifications and Licences feature is the perfect way to manage that.

Add qualifications into your account, then assign them to roles as a requirement. Once you’ve attached qualifications to team members, the system will ensure you only ever roster on staff who are qualified.

This feature is currently only available to clients on our workforce package. To ask about upgrading, get in touch with us at To find out more about qualifications & licences, go to

Maestrano integration

If you’re using a business app that’s not part of our existing add-on marketplace, it’s worthwhile checking out what’s on offer at Maestrano.

The Maestrano ecosystem allows you to connect your favourite business apps, and synchronise your data within in one centralised dashboard.

With dozens of apps on offer (including Ento), Maestrano helps you integrate data and generate up-to-the-second reports, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Find out more at

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