Meet the Talent Acquisition Team

No matter which role you’ve applied for, your phone screen and first round interview will be conducted by one of our TA team members. Get to know them a bit before you speak to them.

Ollie Salisbury, Head of Talent Acquisition

What I Do at Ento:
I manage our Talent Acquisition Team, which means I’m responsible for deciding how we go to market for talent, as well as an escalation point for the team.

It’s all about the people! Yep, you’ve heard it before, but we feel a huge responsibility to articulate the Ento Employer Value Proposition (EVP), our values and culture. So, we attract the right people to the business that makes us… well, Ento.

Before I Joined Ento:
I’ve hired for just about every role type that exists across tech, digital and creative. I’ve also recruited founding teach team members for new ventures. And I’ve worked with businesses all around the world to find some of the most gifted oddballs you can imagine.

I’m passionate about building empowered teams, the application of organisational psychology and providing an excellent candidate experience.

Things I Like Outside of Work:
When I’m not working (and sometimes when I’m meant to be), you’ll find me pedaling around the streets of Sydney on my road bike in eye-watering tight lycra trying to beat my mates to the next street sign. Outside of that, I’m usually on the hunt for a well-pulled pint of Pale Ale.

Zoe Tamiakis, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

What I Do at Ento:
I’m responsible for hiring awesome talent across Australia and New Zealand for all teams at Ento. I’m committed to providing a positive experience for each and every candidate that goes through the process – even if you’re not hired this time around.

Ento’s culture is of the utmost importance to me. It’s the people here that make it the best place I’ve ever worked. I’m passionate about finding intelligent, fun and ambitious people who will keep our culture thriving as we grow.

Before I Joined Ento:
I worked for about five years in agency recruitment hiring across tech, design, marketing, and communications for both commercial and government clients. Despite this broad remit, I’ve always had a penchant for tech and thoroughly enjoy working with software engineers. Technology is the future and it rewards creativity and innovation.

Things I Like Outside of Work:
Craft beers – I live above a brewery, so hops run through my veins! I’m particularly partial to a Red IPA. I’m an avid broadsheet reader and I’m also intrigued by what new bars and restaurants are popping up around Melbourne.

I also love travel, it’s a total cliche I know. Some of my favourite destinations have been Spain, Japan, Peru, and Cuba… And how do I like to spend my time? Visiting galleries, film photography, reading, and watching true crime documentaries.

Angela Zheng, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

What I Do at Ento:
I hire superstars at Ento! I take care of all the Canadian roles and work on a mix of technical and commercial positions. I thrive at being able to understand the individual goals of a candidate and the hiring team, and ensure there’s a great fit between both.

Continuous improvement is something I’m particularly passionate about. So, I also work on various recruitment projects that help us think about the ways we can provide a quality, seamless hiring experience.

Before I Joined Ento:
Recruitment has always been something I was interested and intrigued with. After graduating from post-secondary school, I was immersed into the world of recruitment by supporting awesome recruitment teams from a coordination perspective.

Soon after, I focused on full-cycle recruitment seeking top talent for both larger corporates and scaling startup organisations. It’s been such a fun mix of working and learning in different roles.

Things I Like Outside of Work:
I love spending time outdoors in nature – either going for a hike with my dog, or a camping getaway for the weekend.

I also enjoy good food and trying out new cuisines – whether that’s going to a restaurant I’ve never been to before, or learning how to cook a new recipe at home (I like to clip recipes I’ve come across online or browse through cookbooks for some inspiration).

An ideal day for me includes taking a scroll along a boardwalk, watching a breathtaking sunset, and winding down the night with a good Netflix show.